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Ajvar Mother (Self-Released 2015)

Rock on and jump off the table to breaking it as you celebrating the day without stressed out feelings anymore – not because you’re going for a holiday but the stated starts from these Thessaloniki Punk/Reggae splitting musical band comprising for Dimitris (saxophone/sound effects), Costas (drums), Paaarz (bass) and Alex (guitars/vocals) experimenting the good mid-tempo rock sessions born from other groups in their local scene went broke or belittled themselves and spawning new project like Allergic - the station for Ska-Core or Punk Pop Skater mixed sounds.

Salonika’s crew throwing this Means Of Pleasure raising the interests over those whom loving Punk-Rock because the songs are short; the faster tempos of all live instruments really forcing you to dance or mosh-up as the front cover looks like a bad version joking arts to mock the muppets but the track-listed sounds great which blaring Pull The Plug, Anal Eyes, Dead Boys, Good Intentions onto Unknown Factors – may reminding the ears about how on earth Fat Wreck Chords did their silent expanding wings to the Adriatic sea territory – this good !?

Means Of Pleasure: