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Ain’t Your Fight (Self-Released 2018)

   Four songs in one particular mini album recorded by the non-siblings but friends in common liking/craving over the loves on Country Americana and Modern Folk sounds here is Waiting For Wednesday consisted on Laura Shackleton and Anna Watkins resemblance to a reminder about the traditional Country-Pop sensational version of Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson with different beats but stable and closed connecting kinds of female vocals good performance really being the main reasons why the helpful musicians comes and lend them talents like guitarist George Quinn, drummer Will Long onto bassist/percussionist Nick Cragg onto trombonist David Birbeck with the heading directions been shown through Routes might carries your tired walks and footsteps back to real home and warmth family after being lost for decades or at least, providing a path on leaving the bitter past behind to crossing the borderline and be happy again for girls and boys – here’s the melodic harmonies music arranged and recorded mainly, on the bedroom sessions and some studio days as well. 
   Don’t be oneself Running Man because Give In and Start Again perhaps, means that you need to change and acoustic Folk-Country seems to be quite a choice to spend your cloudy afternoon trying to pass-out over the month quickly.