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Ain’t Thinking City Good (Chameleon Records 1992)

While having each other supporting another which the consisting crew members are names like Chris Cameron, Dan Pritzker, Daniel Laszlo onto Dave Resnik, Erik Scott and Hank Guaglianone to Michael Scott and Paris Delane; Phil Miller and Sam Hogan or Shawn Christopher doing their blend-actions of sounds non-commercial purifications via Sonia Dada’s self-titled record debut. Rock-Pop, Funk, Blues and Soul – all comes together as one beautifully just like the royal highness music project as a big band fully instrument-multiple musicians group – filtering and combining talents righteous enough and the lead female vocals picturing the natural afro-american amazing and unbelievable power pleasure stirring the shows for the nineties-era Alternative sounds over boredom via We Treat Each Other Cruel, Jungle Song, As Hard As It Seems, Cut It Up and Cry onto Never See Me Again or even Deliver Me (Slight Return) and The Edge of The World – feels like smaller and thicker but on the other hand; groovy and possibly – favorable to be lesser-known but should be appreciated better - this group really should !

Sonia Dada: