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A.I (Bandcamp 2013)

Valencia/Xativa forming group performing their Djent mixing with Metal-Core screamo in groovy Progressive Metal just like their influenced materials from Tesseract, Periphery or Uneven Structure relevant to be told worldwide as the quartet of guitarist Taxo Calatayud, drummer Carles Blesa, bassist Alex Sanjuan and vocalist Ripper Llorens and Aaron Gil driven as the demonic doubled heads blasting the irrelevant growlers and vicious music of extreme metallic sounds as Eye Of Hubble driven the path-way to the exploration for the stars and galaxies turned wrongly as disaster struck down while the experts finally, finding the living form of gigantic monstrous moving towards the planets and straight targeting our planet for the nearer next century lights of sol calculation. Future seems to be uncertain as melodic orientalist bass-dropping and experimental metal progressive tells you about the information too fucking late as the huge creature hungry for the consuming of every single planetarium cores ready to destroy everything. Rowing Bones (feat. Adrian Covelo), Lies as well as this Ill Mother EP explodes and Machine Re-evolution stuck in the middle of the extinction from those among the closest starry system lurking … 

Ill Mother EP: