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Ahmad Juan Lites (Bonk/Igloo 2016)

   Pleasantly, disturbing distributions of artistic jerky paying combination by the Belgium's Flat Earth Society including for Peter Vermeesh on keyboards/compositor/saxophone to Stefaan Blancke on saxophone/trombone, Berlinde Dman (tuba), Bart Maris (trumpet), Michel Mast (saxophone), Marc Meeuwissen (trombone), double bass Kristof Roseeuw onto Luc Van Lieshout (trumpets), Peter Vandenberghe on piano, keyboards; Pierre Vervloesem (guitars), Tom Wouters on clarinet/vibes and Mauro Pawlowski for chants/guitars – are no nonsense architect of artists whom wanted exploring new horizon in convinced music as releasing the seeds of core tournament in Terms Of Embarrassment ensemble loving experiments through the seven minutes of bizarre Me Standard You Poor, Random Riffs or even Take Your Clothes Off and saying that magic words with them altogether louder “Abracadabra !”

Terms Of Embarrassment: