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Adrenalin Annihilate Me (Great Dane Records 2011)

   Brutal Death Metal mission asking the world to follow the bloodbath path by killing each other and itself permanently – performers by these Blamont, Franche-Comte metallic-heads writing about their depression, struggle and death stories in so fantastic extreme melodies by the making as Only Hate Left shall becoming the last warning you ever received from the waving blasts over self-tormenting and inner killings before gets out to the public and doing the same hatred contentions just like how Recueil Morbide forcing you to listening via this album. By the works of the quartet: Johan Gaiffe (bass), Sylvain Chambard (drums), Marc Petit (guitars) and Jerome Merckle (vocals) delivers the insanity themes via Bipolaris, Murder in Slavery, From Time Immemorial and Unsalubrious Walls or Skinned Alive – tells us about the slasher things happened to every single one you know – relatives or not by madness in the name of mankind in-tolerating humanity of many kinds.

"When everything gone ... What's left within yourself is I against I; which can describing you as god's creation or something else controls your destiny."

Only Hate Left: