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Admiration Hill (NoCut 2011)

   Viva Hades means a metallic worshiping on the same god of war the ancient world knew him powerfully and intimidating enough to causing every single wars happening during the old world civilizations which led these Hamburg, Germany records for their fifth studio albums headlining the taste of your principle within how thus Gothic Rock or Symphonic Goth Metal elements comes catchy the eleven tracks-listing there arranged and composed by the Mono Inc. band: Manuel Antoni (bass), Carl Fornia (guitars), Martin Engler (lead vocals) and Katha Mia (drums, backing vocals) raising the black flag and harmony sounds and horn-signals the realm for another war ensemble within these romance themes and mystic tunes from Potter’s Field, A Love That Never Dies, Revenge, C’est La Vie, When All My Cards are Played and Reminiscence – all been written due to their first touring as the spreading of the Gothic Doom romantic death slowly crawling like creeps between your thighs and above your ignorant heads; pretty much invisible and hollow as sweeter.

Viva Hades: