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Adieu The Battle (Fuel Records 2014)

   Aevum is Avant-Garde of heavy Metal symphonic and Progressive Rock unit feeding on their interests on arts, old literatures, theater, opera and poetry within thus consisting tons of crew-members in mixed genders: Lord of Destruction (guitars), Richard (piano, vocals), Ian (keyboards), Hydra on growl-vocals; Matt the drummer, Paul Grey Hunter (bass), Emanuel La Croix (guitars) and Evelyn Moon (soprano vocals) and Violet (bass, vocals) hailing from Turin, Piedmont  for the full length recording release here on the Impressions (Il Palcoscenico Della Mente) reveals some Classics beats of the medieval and renaissance cultural taste written by Aevum as the strings arrangement really providing the self-spellbound interests as sensual and arousing on the same time like you meeting a masked beauty that has enormous blood-addictions filled mystery on a ballroom dance for summer solstice night feast via Blade’s Kiss, Il Lamento Della Ninfa, Monsters or Lost Soul – capturing the greater question over To Be or… To Be in a not so coincidental murderous tales being told as a legend among the victims who died in such a romantic fail.

Impressions (Il Palcoscenico Della Mente):