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Abracadabra (Rise Above 2015)

Representing the culmination of spontaneous intuitive in the focusing mind-meld for the soul abandoned astral music inspired of Heavy Metal Doomsters passions within the songs created by Johanna Sadonis and Gaz Jennings of the legendary Cathedral mesmerizing as the first debut album birthing by Lucifer led female group consisting of Nicke Andersson, Neta Shmoni, Andrew Prestidge or Dino Gollnick as a rejuvenating presence of Doom Metal rocking of the rising tides that reached the end of the near eye beholder illuminates over the characteristic of any Sabbath-based influences right for the mysterious mystic themed like Purple Pyramid, Izrael, White Mountain, A Grave for Each One of Us and Morning Star – all telling the stories related to the mighty prince of thief and tricks and knowledge like the cult-name you knew from every ancient and modern culture as this one particular recording debut on Lucifer I that sounding mystically cult.

Lucifer I: