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Above The Dead (Independent 2015)

Not because of watching too much Jurassic movies theme like frantic but when it’s time for one to listening the gripping Speed Demon song or Hell in my House performs by the Punk-Skater group - Dinosaurs of San Francisco for this album called Release The Raptors visioning the scary fun burst of a prehistoric creature from your chest like a xenomorph on mocking some fundamentalist religious existence in doubt for the awesome sounds of nature-real revenge through Psych-Garage Rock and Desert-Rock cranking believed to be damn infused by the heart-shocking moments of life in a daily times as head-banging tracks like Sleep Ain’t True, Blinds and Down Talk releasing their best solo melodies and simple drumming faster to shining the blur social views visiting the fake relationship between humans and the surroundings that has lost its permanent wiser thoughts by bad wishing, false praying and propaganda hopes – here written and performed by three brothers and their French-Italian cousin. 

Release The Raptors: