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A Knife With A Bow (Screen Gems/Voltage 2017)

   A small and almost finally divided family are just about to experienced being imprisoned at their own house by the group of intruders forcing them to play life or death gaming as the mysterious masked people monitor the daily activities of the family members by entering the empty house while they’re going on vacation as many mini cameras being placed secretly and hidden almost on every corners of the house and as the previous news reports interviewing people seeing a murder of another family and experiencing the attacks and the missing as entertaining right before the 10 days vacation for the good looking girl Jamie and her little brother John/DJ with Adam their dad and beautiful step-mom Olivia whom unluckily, visited by Adam’s bum brother – Matt as the night attack started taking Matt’s life first outside the garden area; surveillance by the mysterious drone and giant monitor televisions as one of the masked man becoming the executor.
Isolating the family by blocking their doors and windows with bars as The Terror sneaking in and attacking Adam brutally while Jamie, Olivia and DJ escaping to safer room and thinking about the plan to get out before they all being slaughtered.  The targeting red x tapes, Adam plans to marry Olivia soon, Jamie found out that she’s pregnant and telling the news to Josh the boyfriend whom quickly coming but also got tortured to death as Tyler Bates music compositions really pumping your hearts out for shocking fails and the real terrifying events happened on Keep Watching which revealing that one of the killer is the missing girl as she being unmasked after got killed and electrifies by Jamie and DJ with Olivia manage to get out only to be ended up inside the attacker’s disguising van and killed her then. 
   The Terror and The Creator surviving the burning house and the fighting attempts by the siblings capturing Jamie and DJ again back and tells the sexy sister to aid with them targeting another family being picked already for the next killing mission for the sake of her little brother’s safety. Jamie got tasers but the online worldwide viewers will always love to see more of Bella Thorne or the nightmare events goes on – whether it’s staged or real ! 

PS. No mini cameras were eventually, really harmed due to the making of this film but yes many thanks for the sexy captured shots and videos on Jamie and her Step-Mom as it recording while the psychos monitors them.