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4:24 (The Weinstein Company 2008)

   Gorgeous good-looking Jenny had this beautiful romantic plan happening right now for her weekend only with her boyfriend Steve as Jenny whom worked as nursery teacher goes driving together to the remote area of English countryside where woods and tall trees, hiking journey in the wilderness and camping under the whispering cold wind and moonlight might be exactly amazing to nurturing their love both with a meeting with a gathering insect boy named Adam was a great start but all the setting went wrongly inappropriate when suddenly – their romantic lake-views and sun bathing splashes disrupting by bunch of delinquent local teenagers and their black dog; leaving them with curiosity for how they’re doing naughty things like shouting, peeping over Jenny’s bikini, letting the dog bugging the couple twice as well as disrespectfully, showing bad sign to the adult woman while passing away for good. 
The night Jenny and Steve spending inside their tent was a hotter than just romantic flicks still in curiosity as morning broken with a reality about how their car tire damage by the teenagers bottle and in their hungry stomach after the food supply being infested by ants and bugs leads the couple on the cahse for those delinquent teens they met again on the road riding bikes. After breakfast at the small town nearby; they spotted the teens bikes on a house not far from the road as Steve trying to sneak in for sightseeing but almost caught by an adult driving home back to the house angry on his kids for messing around. 
The couple left for their own adventure weekend continues as Jenny slept near the tent while Steve scuba-diving only again finding their bags and belongings gone off the shore as they’re trying to find them by walking farther because their car also missing to meet those rascal-teens again after nightfall with their stuff on them from car key, phone and wallet then as confrontation erupts – Steve being attack by some teen boys with knife accidentally, stab the black dog to death and mourns by the gang  as they’re decided to teaching these adult couple a very good lesson by chasing them, throwing rocks over them with the car suddenly, misdirected and hits the dead tree in dark forest leaving Steve trapped between the steering wheel and the seat while Jenny being told by him to run out away and finding some help. Jenny then comes out at daybreak witnessing from afar how the psychopathic teenage gang leader Brett forcing his smaller friends to torturing the tied up in barb-wire Steve with pocket knife as he bleeds a lot almost everywhere and Paige the gang girl recording it as they spotted jenny and chasing her it give Steve time to escaping as well as after evades the gang – Jenny helping Steve and hiding him in the bushes as tried to stop the bleeding deep wounds. Injured her foot by stepping a large spike – Jenny keeps on going and meet Adam whom being forced to hand her to the gang again as then, they tied up the covered in dirt and tired jenny to the dead tree with dead body of Steve next to her and after several abusive acts on each other – decided to burn the couple using matchstick. 
   As bigger bonfire burn Jenny’s rope as she escaping again but the gang burnt up little Adam while Jenny evades her chasers hiding inside the stinky big garbage drum before going out and accidently, stab Cooper to death when that gang member wants only to help her. Running through the darkness of the woods with things mixed up and makes her half-insane; Jenny caught the van as the driver helps her in but turned out to be one of the teen-gang’s brother leaves Jenny no choice but stealing his car and rushing drive faster back to town. 
Eden Lake is a darn thrilling horror story even the dirty woman by the looks Jenny whom finding herself crash onto a backyard party found out later that those adults is the teen-gangs parents with the bathroom door being kicked from outside and the angry crazy mean dad with his hysterical wife cursing Jenny for doing such a sadistic things murdering some of their kids – ignoring how the real story really goes on as three adult men dragging jenny into back into the bathroom and close the door with jenny screaming horribly desperate and perhaps, being torture by them – Brett goes his room, erasing the evidence videos on the phone and posing like a bad-ass using Steve’s sunglasses ends the tragic tales. 
   PS. David Julyan did a great works on composing the musical scoring for Eden Lake – as the place that holds the dreams for those whom looking for a housing complex compounded by the natural surroundings turned horrific and reckless with those theme songs and instrumentals composing as starring Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly surviving for their lives from immediate danger of local brutal hoodie-goons