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400 Metres Face (Murderecords/Geffen 1996)

Power-Pop Alternative Folkish rocks unit hailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia as activated since the early nineties era has been a great moment for Sloan quartet consisted of Chris Murphy, Andrew Scott, Jay Ferguson and Patrick Pentland first met through their days on art and design college as then, the band being established and by their releasing of good sense and simple catchy tunes melodic sounds reveals the third good album via One Chord To Another seems to be too favorable to listened but its real.

Indie Pop-Rock and Rock N’ Roll Jangle-music from Nothing Left to Make Me Want to Stay, Everything You’ve Done Wrong, The Lines You Amend, G Turns to D as well as Junior Panthers or Autobiography pleasantly, sending magic sounds to let you sing along or humming with Sloan’s little teaming-up efforts on this package of blue. 

One Chord to Another: