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06:18 (Huginn & Muninn 2013)

Ravens on their wrists as being inspired by The incredible String Band or Fairport Convention – these improvisational experimented Folk band hosts by the incidental pastoral psychedelia sprawling as core members like David Colohan to James Rider extending the twice rare revolving form of Drone-works and explosive outburst in ecstatic noise releasing the haunting album of extended tension over A Shatner Observatory with Paul Condon, Shane Culliname, Gavin Prior onto Tuula Voutilainen forming this United Bible Studies opening their performance within the reflecting songs composition through the twenty nine minutes and ten seconds of the (Part I) of it. Like a foretold story from the folklore imaginative and old reality mixed altogether in a harmony melodies and mysteries off rural urban legends and elder’s bedtime stories of Ireland.

The group definitely looks like a good band and a local cult club as well.

A Shatner Observatory: