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Cope Bloom Gun (RCA/Fire Records 1993)

   Reminding yourself about how on earth the atmosphere of the early to the midst of the nineties era of Grunge and Alternative Rock presentations that era as the thing representative for the honest, simplicity and spontaneous just like how Dave Gibbs (vocals, guitars), Phil Hurley (guitars), Steve Hurley (bass) and Paul Brouwer (drums) did to their own music performance which collectively, combining the Pop-Punk pleasure with thus seminal Hard Rock and Indie Rock N’ Roll baptizing as Gigolo Aunts as their third albums being a very good one released there under the title of Flippin’ Out - completing the great choices of melodies and short-story even for the anorexia person listening happy and sing through Lemon Peeler, Ride On Baby Ride On, Where I Find My Heaven, Lullaby to Mrs. Washington or Figurine and Pin Cushion; creatively bursting awesome solos, ordinary vocals and daily issues to crank a smiling introvert interests over their audience. 

Flippin' Out:

El Kanno Selah (Bandcamp 2014)

   Modern Progressive and Rock-Pop features in blending being centered for the worshiping on god’s son and savior by these Kansas City group calling themselves Sons Of Zadok with Borin Doulos on vocals/guitars/bass/keyboards and Benjamin Foss playing the drums and keyboards as well as Ashley Doulos on vocals dedicated their engagement to performing the musical of rocks on the total adoration about Jesus as the book of Ezekiel 44:15a said – “the son of Zadok, who kept the charge of my sanctuary when people of Israel went astray from me, shall come near to me to minister to me…” as these striving influences from holy spirits definitely can attracting several good people of beliefs to liking them.

   Figure of lion as tall white as the sun rising – the devotional experiments of Prog-Rock from Missouri releasing the Revolution album with Wondrous, Speak Again, Wilderness Warriors, Anaba Ode (Come Up Here) as well as Show Me The Way to Yahweh a place to clinging on your prayers when things turning to darkness and despair as there’s no more hope seems to be saved for the last anymore but he’s there and this band follows the light, spreading. 


Spiegel Ruby (United For Opportunity 2010)

Reality is to meet these trio from Dublin, Ireland collaborating themselves as The Guggenheim Grotto dressing up neaty even completed theirs with thus porky pie hat and dark suits just like the reality of the music made by them really sounded temporary – magnifying to listen on those whom liking the effects of excellent around the Progressive Rock scene genre of sounds.

The relationship of humanity and couples romance onto the dignity fantasies events and further wiser lyrics available on Wings and Feathers to Map of Human Heart as well as the opener inside Trust Me I’m a Thief through Wisdom, Concentrate as well as Never Before has being recorded over The Universe is Laughing facts of musical performance there and your abstracting images will also expanding along within the great compositions found and not lost anymore – collected by the band in peaceful realm. 

The Universe Is Laughing:

International Space Station II (Monika Enterprise 2001)

Second releasing from this newer group unit as they’re performing an honoring soft spaced surrounding musical slower in harmony tunes for the modern world with David Figurine, Jimmy Tamborello and Meredith Figurine as The Heartfelt closing the borders of deep sleepy timing and the awaken of the silence mouth to proclaiming the essential deals again over the millennium new zone project of Pop culture within this clever smart project making as Synth-Pop or Electronic possible pleasure touching your feelings quite humane and the love spreading through thus computerized issues available inside and outside the internet highway may given smaller beats a good bites for continuously, grab you by the invisible hands to shake awake the consciousness back to reality of non-fatal relationship between persons.

Impossible, Rewind, Wat Too Good, Time (His Mix), So Futuristic, Stranger and Pswd:pttrn through the untitled shall sounded lovely to your ears to processing how you used to be so mechanical but then, separately, travelling everywhere not staying central. Go out after listening to Figurine (the band) and find your passion !

The Heartlfelt:

Swamp Rainy (Bandcamp 2018)

   Sabbath worshipers continuing the legendary kicks within their self-inflicted magic and dark rituals carried on by the righteous reign over Stoner Metal, fuzzed Psychedelic Rock and excellent vocals are the reasons why you need to try listening the best parts of the band includes the imploding riffs, proto-tinged Doomy metallic and harmonies better abstract as Wicked Wizzard concludes themselves as a trio of Unai Minguez (guitars), as well as the main characters of Inigo Jauregui (bass, vocals and hammond) as well as Mikel Bidaurrazaga (drums and percussion) possibly writing their own materials and performing one hundred and one percents of themselves nonetheless but for the greater passions sharing on the Rock scene of the exotic Mungia in Basque Country which held a shocking giant explosion on the mountain top of the highest world spot destructing systematically spontaneous by this self-titled recording which carrying thus tracks of solid rocking played by three local self-heroic not promotional but being proud and believed in self-esteem as disaster struck down within Sin City, Witchstone, Rednecks from Hell, Hills of Madness onto Earthquake – miserably sounding too good to be true; penetrating the curiosity inside you by the solos and the partly, progressions as the similar card showing the fell of the highest thing must be a bad sign for the haves, perhaps.

Wicked Wizzard:

Of Gnosis Key (Bandcamp 2017)

Whether you discovering it accidentally or not on purposes; nothing’s changing how you will be slowly blown away by the sounds of these heavy riffs and psychedelic vibes joining forces from the Belgium unit of Doom/Stoner and Psychedelic Rock recorded by Grotto – the trio consisting on Marvin Dinneweth (guitars), Jeroen Moerman (bass) and Arno Tucker Cottyn (drums) assembling their bigger and thicker progressions over thus performance for the cult-tinged complicated album on Circle Of Magi. 

As the shroom, the sacred well and the masked brotherhood making rituals performs surrounding it calling the spirits and the supernatural from eleven minutes and six seconds onto another eleven and twenty-one seconds track number two that is Periphelion which opening the biggest veil in front of the universe smaller in shapes as seeing onto the wider spacing or the space journey to the exploding edgy stars by the spells under the dark magic reveals the truth to be spreading by rock music mysteriously. 

Blossoming frozen hell and blessings over broken promises is here displaying. 

Circle Of Magi:

Revelje Elve (Bandcamp 2015)

   Audio apocalyptic buzzing metallic sounds as this Trondheim, Norway mighty duo of insane talents musicians: Geir Anfinn Halland Johansen behind the drum-set and Knut Finsaas the shredder joining their force of extreme brutal earth-shattering blend of traditional thunderous drumming to the Black/Death Metal and epic Doom Rock noises combinations as winding the ragged pieces of instrumental dynamic pro-raw and bloody disgusting rasps grown within thus hint of melodies under the spells of upside-down cranking inspired Heavy Metal music performance over Anfinnsaas the unity. 

The natural branded autumn-atmosphere and the chaotic taste of the self-titled dragging course on writing down five tracks listed to the several Nordic hemisphere background stories there over Haladsdal, Slatt Fra Rostad or Spissarot through the four, more than that and even eleven minutes and four seconds duration about the crushing beats may turning your dark moods resonates to be tuned darker after this … 


The Faithmaker (Oneye Records 2015)

Don’t pray for good melodies (or any good things at all) there because inside the Technical Death Metal just like the band from Porto Alegre, Brazil with the crew members: Eduardo Polidori, Igor Dornelles Mendez, Israel Savaris and Contidio Fontes – their force of awakening the terrible evil or supernatural bad seeds from hell and the surroundings really causing most of the total everything good turns to be destroyed once as the peace been torn apart and lie down on the gravy hole, the humanity being enslaved by not only greed but also demonic powers of conquests and tortures which came along within the releasing of Lethal Nuclear Evil over the Divine Vermifuge recording album off Bloody Violence collections of deranged music.
Growler vocals and lead choruses of hideous and terrifying lyrics and themes made flesh to consuming more and more without stopping shall – believed to opening the gates of destruction that brought by the deceiver and the false images as well as Sky Burial, Putrid and Damned, Colares UFO Flap or Mother of The Dying replaced the holy into unholier that thou and letting the march of the impurity slowly unstoppable, anymore.

Divine Vermifuge:

Mine Venegance (Under One Flag 1988)


Richmond, California late seventies era Heavy Rock unit of the lesser name for Blind Illusion must be a chance for one to recognizable the essential roots of their West Coast Rock scene just like mentioning some names from David White Godfrey, Harald Oimoen, Marc Biedermann to Larry Lalonde or Les Claypool (of Primus) because this band used to be their group of American Thrash Metal which divided onto the Prog-Rock and metallic Thrash goes for a screaming vocals and high techniques riff-age and arrangements from the members.

Blind Illusion’s The Sane Asylum should be your infamous recording to listen and learn and realizing the head-banging bangs corroded through the maintenance metallic pressures electrifying off Death Noise, Bloodshower, Kamakazi, Vicious Vision and Metamorphosis of a Monster blasting your thrilling horror collection nights in premier or flashback and terrifying your parents for calling how scary Heavy Metal sounded alike that day its shocking the global as a main threat !

The Sane Asylum:

The Dozer Creature (Hardly Art 2018)

   Seattle, WA summer started earlier which being brought by the band of female Surf-Rock-ers consisting for Shana Cleveland (guitars), Marian Li Pino (drums), Lena Simon (bass) and Alice Sandahl (keyboards) and decided that La Luz quartet – all singing their lungs out together with the song-writing provides by Shana and the group as well. As the third recording being released here via Floating Features that still clinging on to the weekend atmosphere as you going to the beach with your greasy friends or driving in color-shirts and screaming happy along the road with the sun shining bright or the rain just stop from giving you problems as the sand is warm or wet and La Luz trying to entertaining us all through their catchy Pop-Rock tunes like Cicada, Losing Teeth, Mean Dream, Greed Machine or California Finally and My Golden One.

Not just because the non-bias of American commercial grabs you up as the package of this girls comes in to your place but the interesting music, looks and the ability to driven listeners to liking them more are the key for success by these lovely ladies – and you got to admitted. 

Floating Features:

Alisamadim Emin Firt (Yasar Kurt 2003)

   A founding figure of his first Alternative Rock group before turning solos as his first album being recorded in Germany and for the national level stardom – Yasar Kurt is your phenomenal musician whom needs to be focused at while you trying to like some serious Grunge Rock and Pop Alternative that having roots of traditional but also the major recognizable of less commercial Folk-ballads and the standard for being the voice of the people as a singer and musician whom really got guts to writing universal songs just like this Istanbul’s Rock song-writer/singer figure showing us how smaller bravery blossoms the changes against the repressive oppressors. 
   Graduated from Anadolu university and continues his works in several projects especially, his own materials compiled within the album recording – Anne that sounding sophomore. The audience shall liking the good, low-profiled and clever moves in little bit reflection silence within music performance through Dostum (My Friend), Kukla (Pretty Doll), Kamyonlar Kavun Tasir (Melon Truck Carrier) onto Perdesiz Cura and Haydi Erkekler Savasa among others – which truly, enjoyable to hear even though you needing a Turk dictionary to translating mostly, things over the lyrics but as universally, sounds can explaining more than just words or story; this compilation might independently gives you newer perceptions around how the turks living their lives to go advance and beyond. 


Two Bit Whorehouse (Independent 2015)

   Sint Niklaas, East Flanders - Belgium one of those seminal extreme underground crew calling themselves – Hootka releasing this album wntitled Marked which you can hear how similar guitarist/vocalist Hoggy to resemblance the late Motorhead’s leader Lemmy as well being accompanied by Trixie (bass) and Curly (drums) playing their groovy raw sounds of Stoner/Doomy Metal within the most wild west-themed lyrics as Black Sabbath’s influences really necessary to captures the essential tunes written in menace slower but heaviest format you would love to listen for the weekend black magic rituals via Ditchweed Foghead, Carnivorus Vulgaris, Zakkenwasser, Sunday Bronco at The Fireball Cooch and Rattman – guzzling the distorted three piece conqueror state of the stage that pulled off refills by the sense of melodic craze on buzzing fuzz rocks.


Hoyrat Dalasi (World In Sound 2015)

   Excellent full force of Psychedelic/Space Rock treasure in Progressive mode techniques of high within the local members in spirit: Alper Anthem (guitars, lead vocals), the unique Bans Guveneter (violoncello), Tolga Ozturk (basses, backing vocals) and Ozgur Devrim (drums/backing vocals) improving the great talents and arranging compositions that closer to the traditional sounds of local music and ottoman empire heritage legacy as these Istanbul crew calling themselves Kirkbinsinek which really and truly strange to the international ears but not the musical performance in preference as Sis Pus Sus the album allowing the Eastern influences to conquering harder the atmosphere in definitive ventures of a better world fantasy imploring the 60’s and the 70’s Prog-Rock features all around in magical songs. 
   One already can easily becoming hypnotized to them even without any charming snake shows as the long jams or the harmonic staccato riffs or flowing vocals and determining catches tunes having a relation similarity to the more traditional version of Master of Reality works by the middle east standard. Listen for Kara Iplik (Black Yarn), Derdim Dert (I Have Trouble), Nefes (Breath) as well as Karanlik Cokunce realted meaning to the dark; within the good cvoer album painting and more seducing hearing tones that might reminding you about the realm of home or distant place resemblance to it.

Sis Pus Sus:

Girdap Yorgunum (Pasaj Muzik 2013)

Alternative Rock modern touches and good-looking woman is Sebnem Ferah of Yalova – Turkey being a great new favorable singer, song-writer, guitarist and composer you can compare to other international artists such as Amy Lee or Symphonic female rockers everywhere made her own project of Rock Music again through this seventh studio recordings over Od (From). Looking different with short hair but the music getting heavier and catchy to listen by national or non-turkish speaking people as being show approved here on Kalbim Mezar (My Heart is a Grave) to Birileri Var (They Have One) as well as Savas Boyasi (War Color) and Utangac (Shy) are some of “the must cranking louder” rock music you need to learn from this gorgeous Turkish soloist rock-head girl today.

Not everything going backwards because of the dictatorship of the new president there can stopping Hard Rock sounds from blaring aloud. 

This is the proof and you will loving her ! 


Baptizer Dawn (Independent 2017)

   Unsigned (not yet) turbulence force of storm-maker trio of metal-heads performing their blisters Sludge Doom Metal in the format of Brendan Gunn (bass), Chris Doyle (drums) and Peter Sacco on guitars/vocals sending thus distinguished terrible disturbance through their magnitude sounds as these Vancouver – British Columbia group naming themselves – Empress would definitely, stealing your interest over a heavier new sounds of fierce demagogue within the extended play recording entitled – Reminiscence. The lost continent of land which surrounded by mysteries and sunken dreams in form of shipwreck and nightmarish female spirit wearing white may connected to those twenty-seven minutes and forty-seven seconds in five tracks explosions.

From the song - Immer, The Offering to They Speak like Trees might really sounding very metallic and disrupted to crank up open for normal days rejections from the damned world to Metal-Music dark. 


Splact Elliot (Independent 2012)

   Believed that Metallica old formations already making a truce with Venom and Diamond Head as the non-plagiarism pro-nature an atheist themed being written in such specific terminology around the fast Speed Thrash Metal extreme for Andre A.lien on drums, Erick Veles the guitarist, Ivan Skullcrusher on guitarsas well as vocalist Dinho hailing themselves as Imminent Attack’s Cross-Over metallic group from Barueri, Sao Paulo as the love for beer and destructive giant mammoth creatures re-capturing the planet and put humanity inside the cages to be displayed –kinds of fantasy turns reality things just like the mighty releasing of this epic and Classic Heavy Metal speed-up and high techniques for Deliver Us From Ourselves as the rabid rage of tempos conquering your ears system and head-bang arena within the insanity fast Thrash/Hardcore like the crazy-skater metal-heads intruders coming for kicking down your doors through Noise For Nothing, Secret of Skin, Mousebeer, No Name, Mechanical Mind and Drink & Fun – perhaps, put it this way: if you ever needing to have a better version of St. Anger turning to St. Madness than this one is the one you fucking need to crank !

Deliver Us From Ourselves:

Quandary Sokkole (Rising Recording 2014)

   Energy and impressions gets through the combinations of the releasing album from the producer bert Minnaert and mastering by Chris Common that comprising on the blended devotional Progressive Post-Hardcore/Math-Rock and Liege – Belgium unit playing the Post-Rock sessions under the name of Ilydaen for the finishing touch over Maze the album record; sounding closer to the rest of the bone-yard shift  shadows addicted to the legendary Tool, Prog-Metal and noise exhibition performing by the trio clues: Anthony L behind the drum-sets, Erik B on bass guitar and Daniel S on six-strings as added their influences from Magyar Posse, Bear McCreary, Isis, These Arms are Snakes or Twelve Tribes and Cult of Luna as they’re putting something different like a short vocals but mostly, the highly techniques of improvements among the instrumental adventuring tunes available there such on Argon Walls, 1/121, Lux for the under three minutes durations onto the higher six minutes more aggressively head-bangs via Curves & Saeptums, Breach or Daedalus. 

Feels like you has been flown within the evening winds or summer force of nature after hearing the half of this.


Archer Nomini Violent (Relapse Records 2016)

   Extensively cannot be and resisting to be categorized and generalized as the quintet possessing unparalleled universe of rocking music uniquely found out within these wide-spreading name calls to themselves as T.J Childers the drummer, Steven Russell and Trey Dalton on the guitars department; vocalist Mike Paparo and Joe Kerkes on bass guitar might somewhere being mentioned as one of the worst band coming out from Richmond, VA but the reality sees that this connecting of the blended Black Metal Sludge with Progressive Psychedelic Metal given the powerful passages that grew out expansively funereal and evocative in heaviness as your forward thinking for Extreme metallic music causing some propulsive proportions to getting thicker, darker and also fully grooved like the formations you would find inside the compositions over the tracks like Primordial Wound, Transfiguration, Potomac or even The Paradise Gallows and Where the Earth Meets the Sky releasing what we should calling as the small apocalypse in growling gazing sounds of Post-Metal, Doomy Sludge, Avant-Garde and Death metal epic provides by the Inter Arma’s destructive crushed journey over the ocean in Paradise Gallows … 

Paradise Gallows:

Mental Sentence (Relapse Records 2016)

   Underground quartet of Nathan Misterek on vocals, Nick Phit on guitars, Bryan Sours the drummer and Sketchy Jeff the bass player bring their Doom Metal alliance music project as a solid band adding more Sludge metallic grids as the past former members and the background story found out and sharing as the group from Portland, OR keeps continuing to decided exploding the tension for the true Heavy Metal extreme loving people gone head-banging and get lost into the perfect dangerous sounds in slower-bashing tunes just like over this cult-dark magical ritualistic artworks covers on the recording of The Curse That Is recorded by the band themselves – Graves At Sea  which sending the audiences their groovy, cutting teeth and gravy messages written between the lyrics over the themed about another urban legends or cult-burning tales like you going to hear within the metallic songs on Dead Eyes, Tempest, The Ashes Make Her Beautiful, Luna Lupus Venator or The Waco 177 relenting the mega-doomy slabs with fucking brutal riffs with maximum threats as self-loathing tormented demise of minutes closer to hell awaken.

The Curse That Is:

The Puzzle (Independent 2016)

Connecticut’s rocking alternative Grungy Dream-Pop and Folk sounds in a break-up recording releases as such an obvious essential romantic relationship for chance over thus one sided story digging deeper within the sad lyrics and themes spreading in deep tore schedules background available to cope the helps of calling onto the written book of poem, short story and ex-girlfriend confessions using the all instruments played by Conor Ryan or Lilian Burns-Merril additional vocals and the collage pictures of Ember did pretty much acoustically soften by Woozle as thus featuring tracks singing in a bit Garage/Bedroom style live takes as Anniversary Song, Aggression, Marrow, How Are You? Okay. as well as Consclusions or Conjugation which all make sense in their shortest forms jam-out not as a band yet. 


Oraculum Hope (Independent 2015)

Red-haired beauty female vocalist – Nele Messerschmidt as well as Phil Kohout (bass), Gilbert Gesldorf 9guitars) and Pascal Pannen (keyboards) with Martin Kluners (drums) are your newcomer group ultimately, representing Moers, North Rhine-Westphalia for their self-written melodic/harmony on hope, life and dreams themed tunes making as Symphonic Metal becoming their striking tidal power to possessing your interests upon them presence here.

As Elvellon releasing their debut extended play recording called Spellbound within thus five track spotted inside it  spreading the great sounds of operatic female vocals of European uniting and double pedals of the clean techniques higher enough to make your ears loving them. 

Dead-End Alley or Shore To Aeon as well as My Wings truly – sharing at least, sixty percents of the force to liking much about this works and the beauty whom driving it to look outside the night window by the tower of power of the symphonic.


Admiration Hill (NoCut 2011)

   Viva Hades means a metallic worshiping on the same god of war the ancient world knew him powerfully and intimidating enough to causing every single wars happening during the old world civilizations which led these Hamburg, Germany records for their fifth studio albums headlining the taste of your principle within how thus Gothic Rock or Symphonic Goth Metal elements comes catchy the eleven tracks-listing there arranged and composed by the Mono Inc. band: Manuel Antoni (bass), Carl Fornia (guitars), Martin Engler (lead vocals) and Katha Mia (drums, backing vocals) raising the black flag and harmony sounds and horn-signals the realm for another war ensemble within these romance themes and mystic tunes from Potter’s Field, A Love That Never Dies, Revenge, C’est La Vie, When All My Cards are Played and Reminiscence – all been written due to their first touring as the spreading of the Gothic Doom romantic death slowly crawling like creeps between your thighs and above your ignorant heads; pretty much invisible and hollow as sweeter.

Viva Hades:

Roses A Life Lost (Arising Empire 2015)

One melodic-core new-style with a real babe front woman singer/growler just feels sounding right to the ears of those Heavy Metal lovers whom thirsty for something delighted beauty and dangerous on the similar times as it bursting higher like the hot temperatures and protest lyrics tales about the surrounding worlds which these Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg – Germany of Venues crew with Dennis the drummer, Flo the bass player, guitarists Constantin and Toni onto the double vokilists Robin and Nyves given the Post-Hardcore with a bit of little influences from the likes for Underoath, Vanna, Silverstein and Funeral For A Friend which didn’t specifically just elaborating the brutal-mazed sizing grinds but also there’s harmony melodic sounds like the second song out of Break Down A Venue in Punk-Pop skates romance for Nights Like These or the opening blatant crushing of Broken Glass in four minutes and forty-nine seconds. If time’s up and the raven died inside the hour glass; means perhaps – it’s the end of the rock as we might know it ? 

Don’t … 

Break Down A Venue:

Utter Descension (Frontiers Records 2011)

   Amanda Sommerville is the brilliant keyboardist and lead vocals with long determination of metallic career on the scenery of projects and bands of the Symphonic Metal genre realm and for now it’s her choices to rebuilding the very own solo project of harmonic Symphony Heavy Metal with commercial Pop-Metal and tunes from Classic Rock Arena with Sascha Paeth to Olaf Reitmeier on six strings, Sanders Gommans or Michael “Miro” Rodenberg on keyboards as well as drummer Andre Borgman or Robert Hunecke to Erik van Ittersum in a completed of uniting Netherlands crew under the baptizing name of Trillium formed in Reuver, Limburg as Amanda Sommerville actually identity as an American blonde beauty giving this gifts via Alloy the full-length recording with eleven tracks of beautiful compositions and blazing rocket beats by the double pedals, bashing rhythmic and crazy soloists from shredder and keys on Coward, Purge, Mistaken, Justifiable Casualty or Path of Least Resistance which ended by Slow It Down. 

Whether you being hypnotizing through the beauty looks of the blonde female singer or because the Symphonic Metal shines out the illumination made well and professionally metallic.


Rebuild, Recreate (UNFD 2015 )

Catchy sounds and shouting prolific female singer CJ Gilpin spoke to the metallic music media about their Melodic Hardcore as a five-piece in equality of beauty parts and brutal sides which came from South Wales, UK as Rhys Wilcox (guitars, vocals), Aled Rhys Evans on guitars, Danny Rayer (bass) and Jamie Lee (drums) presenting the Alternative Rock as well as Post-Hardcore racked up out the mid-tempo and faster speeds that brings the melodies and clean simple voices to the Consequences EP sounding brilliantly epic on your fucking stereo. 

If you need to get rid-off away frustrations on your new millennium windows and those headache of problems just collecting this tracks like Try Again or Burn Them Down just a little bit louder and make up your decision to started a brand new layer of memory after today !