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Zulan’s Lair (ChillyRoom Inc. 2017)

    Unique heroes honestly, in a time of sword and guns as the maintains of magical stones balance the stolen world by high-tech aliens as it hanging a thin thread depends on you retrieving the stones as the Soul Knight gaming ants you to stay subconscious as the exploration of the dungeon, colletcing crazy weapon to dodging bullets and shooting the enemies up must be an extremely easy tasks but clearly, intuitive in control as the main goal achieved for Soul Knight onto kill or be killed and losing or start over in order to win by weapons and character skills regularly by progress levels as HUD indicates player needs like certain armor /health deplete dies unless revives and energy using most weapons needing a break before reusing again. 

   Unpatches bugs and exploits for ping pong bodies of rare occasions; gun graphic shooting, frozen the enemies onto hidden chests as well as perpetual black hole illusion or lifeless followers all the way to go out bounds in Co-op play and patches under the great instrumentals of metallic Pop-Rock in high quality performance off F-D and Phrobss V4 sessions in a format like Level 1 Ice Cave, Hell, Boss onto Main Theme as you collecting in uses your melee weapon, railguns, crossbow and the adventure swiped territories like Glacier, Volcano and Spaceship.