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Xerox Impulse (Maple Death Records 2016)

   Based in Bologna, Italy – these Canadian/Italian band’s new state of Dream Indie-Pop with instant Psych-Wave Rock n’ Roll Electro which featuring Giulia Mazza, Jacopo Borazzo, Jonathan Clancy and Nico Pasquini cleverly depressed writing their own mid-tempo slow materials as the exact harmony sad vocals and monotone beats of the bass-lines covering most of the unique sounds favorable like the fans of Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground’s Kraut-Pop and Post-Punk in better modern friendly taste in His Clancyness third releasing by far through Isolation Culture just like a celebration for Autumn junk heartbreaking hymns track-lists.

May your feeling be warmed while having these tracks like Pale Fear, Calm Reaction, Cuuulture, Watch Me Fall or Uranium painting the early evening sky as the breeze brought by the cloudy days staying to cooling a peculiar discomfort minds. 

Isolation Culture: