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Working Paying Living (Self-Released 2010)

Introducing his name as Andrew “Andy” Stephen Othling in his slower guitar tuning play for music he loves would be your first hand-shaking to this gentle diverse of rhythmic melodies and peaceful on positive provocation on responding the brass-section orchestral and unique oboe parts recording mixed by the man himself as Lowercase Noises in project performing the beauty formation for Carry Us All Away album – painting the weather day colorful as artistic by drawing experimental instrumentals of Post-Rock and Ambient Drone Pop of emptiness and solitude to meaningful alive right from his spot around Albuquerque, NM.

Don’t try to run away from the harmony collective and obsession finding lost relationships over the story-telling from Like A Firelfy (Love), Nickels and Dimes, A Whole Garden, The Gate Beautiful and I Want To Live Again – pleasuring as Shaking The Dust memorable tales to (Skyscrapers) meaning something bigger than development itself is preserving mind to act wiser to other beings.

Carry Us All Away: