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Who Lost His Wings (Temporary Residence Limited 2009)

   Featuring the lesser-known and independent members in names such as Agostino Tilotta, Alexis Fleisig, Giovanna Cacciola and Matthew Taylor bringing their quiet front cover calmly paintings that kinds of soothing the listeners at first but then, claiming the different thumping tunes, riff like rage, distortion onto drumming mad of Grunge, Alternative Rock and Noise-Indie under the chosen group name of Bellini releasing their album recording called The Precious Prize Of Gravity telling the real world about two mirror reflections and one figure of female – probably, casting the singer of the band herself to the angst lyrics and full emotional musical expressions coming through Daughter Leaving, Tiger’s Milk, The Thin Line, A Deep Wound or Save The Greyhound barks harder and atmospherically, threatening the ordinary. Love this or just walk away !

The Precious Prize Of Gravity: