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White Door (Warner Bros. Records 1991)

   While listening to Fear Of God must be reminding you as well on the screaming sexy female lead singer of Dawn Crosby sounded like a bit Hardcore-version of Courtney Love and with John Grdenthe drummer, Bill Hayden on guitars, Mike Schafer the bass player to second guitarist Tony Mallory bringing the band’s ultimate of Los Angeles, California on Heavy Metal within groovy type attached to Bikini Kill meets 7 Year Bitch as well for Gothic-influences as Thrash Metal and Hardcore written down violence, anger, sorrow and death before the passing out female lead singer over the alcohol abused but as Within The Veil being released lasted for Dawn Crosby appearance being helped by Blair Darby on bass, Steve Cordova on drums and Michael Carlino on guitars – this full length album targeting the militia of US soil’s metal-heads meets failure at the time but for now can be considerable as a classic goods when Red To Grey, Diseased, All That Remains onto Betrayed or Love’s Death refusing to bow down to popularity as Fear Of God grinding their last breath spitting rebel’s fire !

Within The Veil: