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Vortex Number 9 (Self-Released 2018)

   Sitar magic themes and tuning exploration for the mixtures for Reggae, Bhangra onto traditional Jazz study as well as the traditional classic order of rhythmic and melodies from the India’s possibility famous linked involves by the atyle of music played by a collective musicians such as Ben Hazeleton, Clem Alford, with Tim Liken - creates this Uniting Of Opposites as the world joining in for the journey such as Eddie Hick the drummer; Idris Rahman for clarinet Manjeet Singh Rasiya on table as well as Marcina Arnold from F’ire Collective/Steve Williamson joining for vocals – colliding their interests with the former trio as the blueprint ways scoping freedom and bespoke channels to vibe of hand-painted arts as their property laws version on experimenting the whole new world of dimension and living every moment of it. Here’s the debut recording established within Ancient Lights and the rest of their repertoire among Car Number 27/Mr. Alpo, Bird Solo, Mints and Dr. Roach. 

Like a myriad aspects of merger between cultural melting pot as inspirations.

Ancient Lights: