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Voix Au Hearst Patty (Disco B 2007)

   Modern Rock N’ Roll and Punk after sex must be sounding like closer to this Synth-Pop and guitar plays within multiple instruments off the French-German and Berlin-based bilingual duet comprising Francoise Cactus Van Hove and Lolitas of West Berlin Pretzel Goring aka Friedrich von Finsterwalde on stage as Stereo Total as frequently drumming or guitar displaying onto this Paris --- Berlin Pop-Rock Indie Chanson Electro sounds sending their almost non-English lyrics with proving influences from Iggy Pop to The Ramones style rocks out via Kusse Aus Der Holle Der Musik, Plus Minus Null, Plastic, Ich Bin Der Stricherjunge as well as Miss Rebellion Des Hormones or Relax Baby Be Cool (also proving that there’s no allergic for doing it) and let your loneliness stand-off the ground on being different getting paid within the dancing silly follows these music. 

Sexy rocking outer louder, honey !