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Underground Supergrau (Staatsakt 2012)

   Have you ever liking the monotonous simple of a fictional eighties group playing their New-Wave and Electronic-Pop minimalist sounds with the displaying of sexy girl in large afro-haired getting ready to pleasing some of thus ears and eyes for feasting onto the band’s releasing works debut via Millennium Edition as Fraktus which consisting of Jacques Palminger, Rocko Schamoni and Heinz Strunk plotting their directed brainchild on this last capital music visions among the weirder appearance looking in costumes or nuisance mixing of noises combines there through the songs confronting by the listeners in outer-space migration before hibernating capsules close within Affe Sucht Liebe, Mann, ady Godiva, Computerliebe, Jag Den Fuchs or Horse of Fantasy as well as A.D.A.M and Was Ware Wenn deliveres the temptations of machinery music addictions taking over your consciousness for dare trying as Pogomania sealing the further materials of the last decade leisure as the eyes sleeping.

Millennium Edition: