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Uberload Welcome (Trisol/Metropolis 2016)

   Latest efforts from the trio members gotten their unit to be named after Rotersand are Testify, Krischan Jan-Eric Wesenberg and Rascal Nikov from their hometown Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg and bring the infectious European Progressive-House Dance mixes music program to your home entertainment over this blasting loud system off the Techno, Industrial and Synth-Pop recording album via Capitalism TM that fully shootings several non-stop rhythmic sounds of the popular Electronic progressions opportunity did very interesting as the same for the album cover artworks that would doubles your interests on the attraction for listening as well as dancing hard through the anthemic bursts following It’s About Us, Not Alone, Torn Realities, Hey You, You’re Nothing, Disagree and Monopole.

Penetrating deeper to your ears and skins; non-monotone vocals like the New Wave sensitivity meets how gracious EDM first used to be sounded awesome for bored youngster.

Capitalism TM: