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Type Love Gospel (Atlantic/Otto Record 2016)

   Used to be a youtube channel cover songs singer video posting guy or sending his comedy-musical materials but suddenly, getting famous as Charles Otto Puth Jr. – the singer, song-writer and producer from Rumson, NJ being asked to his co-written leads to the sequels of famous Furious 7 movie single hits (featured for Wiz Khalifa) as then, massive airplay sending his name being known to the entire world but the best thing isn’t stop there for him as Charlie Puth got his chance to releasing his own solo materials in a form of full length album – Nine Track Mind.

   Upon the likes of Contemporary R&B, Soul, Tropical House and Electronic Pop onto Funk and Ballad particularly, giving the listeners most of the great songs on one package of yellow background meets the man himself in greenish outfit looking bold to sharing to you all about Marvin Gaye, Dangerously, Losing My Mind, Up All Night onto My Gospel sounded like the reality of new millennium meets sixties and start counting which for Pop culture music still a good sign of continuity for more good times (and) didn’t look back since !

Nine Track Mind: