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Turtle Sickness (Clouds Hill Ltd. 2013)

   The El Paso, Texas self-title releasing for the group’s debut recording is this Bosnian Rainbows featuring Deantoni Parks, Nicci Kasper, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (infamous ex-members of At The Drive-In) to Teresa Suarez Cosio spreaing their unique sounds of distinctive down southern state panorama and atmosphere which a bit reminding you for the television series of True Detective’s semi-mystery themes or just like something fell within the sun-ray from above – unknown and mystic as suspicious in suspense through the mixing of oldie seventies Psychedelic Surf Music, plenty Grunge-Goth tinged and eleven resulting tracks that mostly, haunting your ears over Worthless, Eli, Dig Right In Me, The Eyes Fell in Love or Mother Father Set Us Free within thus progressions and melodic echoes and seductive of no doubt sweetness of poisoned matters drank through your throat and smiley died.

Bosnian Rainbows: