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Tone Set Is From (Self-Released 2016)

   Progressive Rock using their old-basic and classical tempos and intermediate influences for making the Folk meets Pop-Rock meets Medieval and seventies psychedelic purposes and phrases blended via the performance of Matt Spivack on vocals, flute, guitar onto Kody Little on guitar/vocals/keyboards; Chris Childress playing bass or synthesizers as well as Calvin Merseal (drums, keyboards) within their additional performing friends musicians like keyboardist Kevin Yordy, McKinley Hudson or Greg Steinman tracking their keyboard plays as Amalgam Effect group releasing their Time Of Departure album here as the bordering line between dark and light; cold winter and hot summer divided by the autumn and spring as birds chirping, greenish plants growing with many cubs and chicks were born there on the nest and barnyard; these Denver, Colorado team-up crew brought your ears their finest middle-tempo rocking and harmony vocals for the wiser and letting everyone praying for good music like they did here upon Wanderlust, Loss For Words, Signed and Sealed, If I Cared Less onto Necrosis and Accidental Assonance – perhaps probably, speaking for themselves within chords, harmony and delivering more great adventure themes inside the secret codes lyrics meaning …

Time Of Departure: