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Tokimeki Pick (Universal J 2016)

   Ayano Omoto, Yuka Kashino and Ayaka Nishiwaki forming the more or purely English-oriented as internationally recognition performance over their latest recording album for for the J-Pop’s idol girl-group – Perfume as these beauty Japanese originating from Hiroshima before moving out to Tokyo as Yasutaka Nakata taking in the producer job for them. Letting your ears knowing the excellent extra-ordinary Pop culture endorsing and exported from the rising sun country by their female perspective using thus Electronic Synth-Pop sounds and catchy beats mixture within Cosmic Explorer album providing the stereo over Miracle Worker, Next Stage with You, Story, Sweet Refrain (Album-Mix) onto Baby Face, Relax in The City or Hold Your Hand; giving us not only the displaying effects of good soften music standard with gorgeous vocals and neat harmony but also remarkable works of famous art-deco towards the front cover mixing the natural beauty of Japanese ladies and international publicity. 

Cosmic Explorer: