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To Heaven (Mute Artists Limited 2012)

   Manned moon landing carrying astronauts and one of them a male African-american model James Washington which chosen as a re-electing campaign Black to the moon encounters shockingly descendants of the escaping Nazi and their fourth reich compound since the late WW2 loss within pretty much advance technology – kills the other astronauts but captured James to be examined, experimented as well as finding his smartphone to computerized the power making the Nazi giant battleship control unit better than their old computer. 
Doctor Richter demonstrating it to the new fuhrer Wolfgang Kortzfleisch as the experiments for genetic reasons plan on mating commander Adler with Richter’s daughter Renate as Washington also being aryanized into an albino by drug tests within a worst plan from Adler to kill the fuhrer and making himself a new one after connecting to US president campaign advisor Vivian using flying saucer but as the sexy blonde Renate being persuaded by Washington to a romantic ficks helping to stop Adler’s intends of global genocide as the Nazi attacking NYC with giant zeppelin craft with asteroid missiles and countless flying saucers but successfully engages by US Air Force with UN declares assembly for the threat Vivian secretly commanded militarized spacecrafts with several nations carries nuclear directly dispatching wipe-out of the Nazis. 
   Adler stole Vivian’s tablet to activate gotterdammerung but as Washington disable the machine and disconnecting the tablet while Renate kills Adler and then, separately, escaping from the crashed craft onto the moon. 
Presence of Helium-3 claims a sole groundbreaking possession ensures millennium long supply energy on the moon as the president congrats Vivian for her success while Renate and Washington reunites in love as the UN members brawls and their war fleet turn on each other internationally leads Earth to a nuclear war. 
Assuring the thrilling, comedy and sci-fi aspects over this movie credited not for the casts but the soundtrack composing group made by Slovenian Avant-Garde Industrial/Neo-Classical band Laibach led by singer Milan Fras and he socio-politic controversies themes as here for Iron Sky written on the Electro/Industrial tracks like Feuer Frei!, Ein Spion Von Der Erde, Sauerkraut, Dr. Richter’s Laboratory, Nazi Expedition to Earth, Peace Lovin’ Brother Rap or The Good Times for The Bad People; exposing all the forty song-works keeping things originally popular for the patriotic versus aryan-ism; where there's no peace ?