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Three Empty Understand (Island Records 2016)

   Did he needs to thanking the popular sharing video channel Vine for making him slowly faster – infamous as one of the new millennium Pop-Music artists with determination and catchy songs written by himself as well good vocals making most of the girls and music lovers attracted to him even as the first time listening to Shawn Peter Raul Mendes the Canadian born song posting guy whom started his career from down below zero and now eventually, shining brighter especially after the releasing of his second recording album – Illuminate. 

   Parts of Soft ballad and acoustic and some other purely hits the jackpot of romantic lyrics, bluesy to electronic-friendly type of tracks like the parade of titles there such as Mercy, Ruin, Don’t Be a Fool, No Promises, Honest, Patience onto the Roses and the next greater hits for him – Treat You Better which officially, ruling MTV and Channel V and many more music channels television right to the countless local radios through your country definitely. 

Simplicity, determination and correct steps in making music makes this guy popularly having bad Reputation in giving us lovely music !