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The World Calls The Young (Constantine Music 2011)

   Meet the new clock-punk attitude of The Three Musketeers story directed by Paul W.S Anderson opening the action adventure tales against the conspiracy government acts of orders such as stealing airship blueprints of Da Vinci in Venice for Milady de Winter by Athos, Porthos and Aramis as on the other side of the village of Gascogny leaves d’Artagnan on his way to Paris to become a musketeer like his dad only to find the order has been disbanded. A bar fight challenge between him against Captain Rochefort the cardinal Richilieu’s guard leader as a duel makes him almost being shot as well as offending the three sowrdmen accidanetally, send him to another duels with Aramis, Porthos and Athos but as d’Artagnan realizing their identities the royal guards came to arresting them all but as insiperd to aech other – the four of them fight hard; summoned before the young King Louise XIII while Ricelieu urges to hunt them down. Queen Anne being impressed with such bravery and condecorates instead.
Paul Haslinger scoring compositions accompanying the acts of good fighting evil as the wicked infiltration and coup d’etat plan has been underway by the evil leaders upon the crown of France – the music leads Only Four Men, Special Delivery for The King, Buckingham’s Departure as well as All For One and Do You Know Who I Am?, Get Me One Of Those! And Concealed Weapons Tango being the reminder symphonies attraction for the audience to liking how The Three Musketeers save France at that time of troubles. 
   The treachery of Milady plant love letters on Queen Anne for having affair with Buckingham force the king to declares war against England and execution upon her but as the truth reveals by Constance Bonacieux – the lady in waiting of the queen was captured by Richelieu before being freed by the musketeers. Trying to stop evil plan of them in London with the false news that the musketeers arrives to have a revenge but after the short battle; the musketeers fail to execute Milady whose leaping with an airship as the musketeers going back to Paris to intercept Rochefort much larger airship but as d’Artagnan mount an assault on him while rescuing Constance as the cloud rally and counter-attack damaging the superior airship as the air fights ended in a crash to Notre Dame. 
The duels continued with d’Artagnan kills Rochefort and Constance returning the necklace to the Queen as the musketeers arrived to protecting the king and telling to all about Richelieu’s sabotage and masterplan treasons as Richelieu and Milady vows for revenge as the large fleet of airship crossing English channel towards France as a massive battle attack.