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The Quantum Weaver (Dischord 2018)

   Intense or freaky jazzy Soul with Rhythm and Blues focusing beats sounding too god to be true plays by your surprisingly, rock-heads veterans musician facing their last days without any demanding but trouble world needs a guidance not fake words features over Anthony Pirog on guitars, Joe Lally on bass guitar with Brendan Canty on drums playing their unknown instrumental trio musical collective though The Messthetics which brought the drag-mission not quiet confessional but can healing allergic over thus sneezing replica on choosing for being either democrats or republican on the same time as the experimental of Washington D.C products inception emerged within this band connections including some distorting riffs, crazy melodic solos, techniques blends between Punk, Hard-Rock and Progressive comes out bursting under the lines of Radiation Fog, Serpent Tongue, Once Upon a Time, The Inner Ocean and Mythomania. 

Don’t close your ears if you want the changes to appear for your balancing moods on rope.

The Messthetics: