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The Nightstalker (Xtreem Music 2018)

   Thrashers written down the tremendous obsessive lyrics around battles, death, violence and war with Riccardo (drums), Omar (guitars), Ambro (vocals), Vanni (bass) and Massi FD (guitars) formed on Como, Lombardy did fucking well to giving us up the reality in between war-crimes and famine to the hellish arming squad ready to kill and kill more enemies and civilians as well as the screaming of vengeance drowning the tears of sob dying men and raped women and crushed children controlled by the typhoon of greed and conquest as the explosion reacts destructible half parts of the planet already. 

   Ain’t War Hell ? should be an important question to asked her and now but since the beginning of the previous war on others; nobody can blaming mother nature for encouraging this type of acts but the sinful men conducts and Cruentator wrote down back and re-tell us about the brutality of it via Marching Into a Minefield, The Shining Hate, Tyrants of The Wasteland and Evil is Prowling Around that supposed to be gave solutions not gaining Cluster Terror.

Ain't War Hell: