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The Gentrification Babylon (Attenuation Circuit 2015)

   Tobias Schmitt might not being known by the surface acts loving random of Drone, Ambient and experimental abstract of IDM except as you found out about the aliases of the man himself as Suspicion Breeds Confidence in the use of Tand as the creepy afghan dog with yellowed eyes surprising you up and thus long forgotten tricky titles which carrying the rest of the lyrics and stories of the new millennium sub-conscious realm and different dimension advises the ears of the inner conscious stilt of Although His Leadership Was Brutal His Death Was Deeply Mourned; In Der Peripherie Des Polytychons and The Rather Surprising Dishonesty of The Opium Mining Company or Notizen Zum Feinbild and Operation Hundsfott really recaptures the essential of lower madness starts to striking the minds via Electronic music sound products.