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The Big Scare (Walt Disney Records 2013)

   When monsters scaring human successfully, the scream-energy being harvest as the good supply for Monster factory of Monstropolis profitable company as the children scared of them for being highly trained monsters just like Michael “Mike” Wazowski aspires to be one as he enters the Monster University and meets fellow monsters from around the country like James P “Sully” Sullivan with Mike studying harder but Sully just being privileged (because his family is a well-known talented scared) as the semester progresses them to join fraternity but only found out the last acceptance for them is nerdiest misfist house of Oozma Kappa (OK). Being mocked since then the final exam fights between them force Dean Abigail fials both for not study hard and the other not scary enough. The second chance given as Mike and Sully with Oozma Kappa enters the annual scare games to be re-entered scare programs if they win with many obstacles to do from hard training with other nerdy OK members, the opponents house-groups like the mighty Roar Omega Roar as the subsequently first challenge finishing by them last but because of other’s cheating Oozma Kappa saved from being disqualified (swollen).
   Randy Newman’s composition soundtrack themes for the Monsters University touching the beautiful sides where friendships comes first and hard working get paid well in the end wiser evidence as the silly going and wicked tricks shown both as the distractions as well as pride and glory over Mike Wazowski dreams for being a scarer-star or the OK flawless efforts on winning the games appears on the tracks like First Day at MU, Scare Pig, Stinging Glow Urchin, Field Trip, Rise and Shine onto The Library or Roar (by Axwell/Sebastian Ingrosso) ends the surprising win for Oozma Kappa over Roar Omega Roar on the final bedroom-scare simulation because Sully tampered the difficulty level to the easiest setting on the machine as being confess by Sully later but Mike determines himself for showing everyone his scaring approval went to the lab door to humans cabin filled with camping children soon gathering around him with the door being deactivated waiting for authorities arrived, pursued by camp rangers but later generated working together to terrifying them for scream energy of the adults overloading device and explodes the door. 
Receiving the expelled from CDA with other Oozma Kappa accepted to scare programs but for Mike and Sully – get jobs in a mailroom at Monsters Inc. still living their dreams !