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Test Tube Babies (Stiff America 1980)

   Hail the Punk-Rock flag anthem honoring Wendy O Williams whom being one of the greatest rebel warrior heroine for simplicity, raw and blasting music ever made in the history of New York city of American Heavy Rock as well as splattering more controversial within the forming of her group-band (The) Plasmatics with Rod Swenson as countless taboos broken down shows being stopped by police departments; wild actions and harsh lyrics freedom of speech to chainsaws displays destroying guitars, sledge-hammering television blown up out cabinet-speakers and cars on stage must be some sort of how this thing dragging trouble towards the explicit and censorship but Wendy O continues with Jean Beauvoir, T.C Tolliver or Wes Beech on their releasing debut recording – New Hope For The Wretched like circus freaks nudity of the rebellious (soft)porncore-tinged version of Blondie with maniac girl fronting it as Living Dead, Won’t You, Squirm (Live), Dreamlover, Sometimes I and Corruption blasting hard out of your fucking stereo faster with a sign labeled the album “caution: dangerous music hitting your brain !” should put on the cover showing the crew members and Wendy O tasting luxury of rebellion acts ! 

New Hope For The Wretched: