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Terminus (Lakeshore Records 2017)

   Peter Berg directing this drama-thriller crime based on the terrifying real event about Boston Marathon’s bombing in 2013 as well as the book entitled Boston Strong known as Patriots Day witnessing the devastation happening of cowardice bombing planted attempts by the fanatic fundamental brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokar detonating two bombs within the cooker filled with bolts, nails and metallic bb’s causing widespread panic shocks not only because of two loud explosions near the finish line but also wounded hundreds of people, the runners and leaving more severely needs to be amputates and losing their body parts on that horrible April morning, killing three people on spot.
The collaboration between Boston Police commissioner Ed Davis, Watertown police sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese and FBI agent Richard DesLauriers assign to investigates while sergeant Tommy Saunders keep on searching for evidence by helping people whom being injured and separated from their love ones to different hospitals to be reunited again later as well as the important clues, photography and video surveillance recordings to identifies the suspects until after hours of hard working the investigation team found out about The Tsarnaev brothers; Tamerlane and Dzhokar as local police hand in hand conducting their door-to-door search on the terrorists before the press leaking their information. 
   After shooting police officer on duty Sean Collier attempting to steal the sidearm; the two car-jacking Dun Meng a Chinese student as the plan to conducting another New York bombing spoken; the brave Meng manages to escape/hiding behind the gas station counter calling 911 for help and telling the police about his carjack and the boston bombers which led to the stolen car GPS and the hevily shoot-out between the policemen and the terrorists resulting the death of Tamerlan Tsarnaev while his younger brother escapes. 
Tsarnaev’s wife Katherine Russell detained for high-value interrogations for their illegal activities and possessions as well as Dzhokar’s college friends while by the report of a local man to the police department – they finally surrounding and arrest the wounded Dzhokar quickly while hiding inside a boat within a brief stand-off. Many victims like Jessica and Patrick Kensky having their legs amputated, Steve Woolfenden with his young son Leo and the rest of he nation may tearing down as being totally devastated but need to go stronger and unites as the soundtrack influential composing songs recorded and arranged by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for Them and Us, We Forge Who We Are, Inquiries, Trails, Broken Glass, Nobody Cares About Me, Resolve or Long Shadows on The Street being a company for thus whom lost and found each other back in the aftermath.