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Sweater Candies (1 + 2 Records 2000)

   Don’t blaming them for calling themselves (The) Backwood Creatures which concerning to be closer to an Alternative Rock group in Folkish-Pop tinged but the actual releasing the simply implication on just being a faster Pop-Punk with The Ramones edgy like carried by the similar vocals off Joey Ramones and Dee Dee Ramones performance but too damn partying as sounding cool to catch for the listeners as the likes for your New York heroes of Proto-Punk meets modern rocks and three chords anthem actions performance by Christoph Rath, Nils Nonchalant and Timo Ostermann (of Cologne, Germany) on Kings Of Beach Boulevard! been pointing themfeatured figures as the mixed of leather jackets and greasy hair as groupie girls in bikini shall chasing them around the beach walk area as the presenting tracks rocking wilder the sunrise party onto the evening candles pool dance through Freaked-Out Girl, BWC, Sheena’s Out of Punk, When The Next Summer Comes or Wild Weekend on The Beach shall giving the babes screaming orgasm or Ass Shaker because between the rest of outlaw boys and sneaker-pimps the band singing their Stupid Song acclaiming about I Don’t Wanna Be Friends !

Kings Of Beach Boulevard: