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Stone Cold Sober (Warner Bros. Records 1975)

   Leaving his seminal high profiling success level away from the group’s days through Jeff beck Group and The Faces for this London-born British singer Roderick David Stewart whom turning points his solo pointing sell-out Rock N’ Roll music good shows and iconic along to one of the best Hall of Fame figures in Rock era history to be recognizable as his plenty albums and good better song-writing or as the way his unique singing over the Pop-Rock Soft Arena studio delighted recording for his sixth times as soloist star on Atlantic Crossing which displaying such a glamour relevant on shining heels and clothes of a superb starring the former rising stars turning the steps on the stairway of higher sparkling of a gigantic walks over the advance metropolis and the future gate of Pop-Rock sounds, classically – collectible just like the Fast Side or Slow Side shows us onto All in The Name of Rock N’ Roll, Three Time Loser, Drift Away and way more through It’s Not The Spotlight, Still Loving You and Sailing; must be Rod Stewart’s physical emotive building for his recognitions as a good artist besides Bowie out there.

Atlantic Crossing: