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Speargun Flight (MCA 1995)

   Polar ice caps melting then flooding most parts of our planet earth in the psot-Apocalyptic science fiction setting in the distant future as sea level rises over 25.000 feet telling you the anti-hero story about the hybrid human called as The Mariner – a drifter who sails his boat on the vast Waterworld or ocean planet nowadays praising for the soon to be important incident as he saving two girls (one with a tattooed location of a mythical map of dryland) being hunted by the ramshackle floating pirating communities known as Atoll for beyond the 21st century as the trimaran mariner with mutant gills and webbed feet trading dirt, rare commodities and supplies within whoever he met on the surface of the Waterworld as the seeker for Enola and her guardian Helen chased by the gang leader Deacon fisrt escaping on an too early attempt by gas balloon before fails and being saved by the mariner (Kevin Costner). 
Story goes with the na├»ve acts of Helen causing the mariner boat damage as the Smokers gang pursuing the three of them as well as the adventure begins with seeing the mariner catching technique method of a giant fish creature for their meal or the cutting of the girls hair short for disobedience onto the discussion about how Helen believes that human once living on land and demanding to see the place where he collecting the dirt or the things and within a self-made simple diving bell provides them too following the mariner diving deeper into the remains of the drowning cities underwater of the ocean floor but later on the smokers caught them as they’re resurfacing again. 
   James Newton Howard also being choose on providing the stage & screen soundtrack scoring music for the movie as he’s works here really concerning about the how our imagination as the audience needs to be pleased as the informing scenes and themes mixed with instrumental tracks over this high budget film making through Prodigal Child, The Bubble, Helen Frees The Mariner, Slide For Life, We’re Gonna Die, Deacon’s Speech, Why Aren’t You Rowing? All the way through Half An Hour, Escaping The Smokers and National Geographics as Gregor manage to show up and rescuing Helen and The Mariner whose diving back saver before Enola being kidnapped and the boat destroyed by the jet ski troops of the smokers. Decided to helping Enola and fighting the pirates; The Mariner goes back heading to Exxon Valdez their headquarter, confronting Deacon as threatening to ignite the oil spill tanker unless Enola returns to them as no bluffs for the mariner to drops the flare and making everything explosion with the ship started sinking with braver action using his bungee jumping skills to catch Enola from a jet ski before Deacon and his gangs died by the engulfed fire. 
   The floating adventure brought them to the top of Mount Everest identify by the tattoo coordinates map with Gregor, Helen, The Mariner and Enola finding her crude hut and remains down on the vegetation and wildlife but for the mariner – the new boat and the ocean calls him back on sail and saying goodbye.