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Sordo Mufa Tinta (Bandcamp 2016)

   New orchestra-typical on playing their traditional Tango music as being releasing through this Sencillo (album) with the unit musicians of the top ten project union calls on bandoneon – Gerard van Duinen, Matias Pedrana, Martin de Ruiter onto violinist Ingeborg Cneut, Ruzana Tsymbalova and Sophie de Rijk; viola player Anna Smith, cello player Jan Willem Troost, pianist Ivo De Greef and double bass by Alexander Vocking companion these thirteen composition songs as they’re the two nation musician in a group called Mala Pinta from both The Netherlands and Belgium.

   Follow the music as you might go touching the floor and dancing lovely arousing with your partners in less colored dress or lesser dresser within the commencing agitates Lucky Waltz, Milonguero Loco, La Maca, La Vida Azul and Nostalcolico mostly finishing before the sun rising or after the sundown fell into romantic night of two or three or someone else’s lover is in your warmth hugs.