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Slithering Lizards (Box Records 2018)

   Exploring between intoxication energy of a frequent improvised of a power collection hailing disobedient noises, screaming female and feminist activity defying a brand which used to be built by Riotgrrrl over the nineties era but as predicted to be bloated dead but resurrects again these grotty wilder frenzy weird with politically fierce and sinister provocative sarcasm battling the men’s ruling world and new fucking order making your experimented No Wave/Kraut/Post-Punk psych-doomed pulses on Ill’s reaction on We Are Ill did showing the all-girls group rocking shared their compassion and emotive junkie attitudes through Bears, Stuck on a Loop, Hysteria, Bus Shelter and I Am The Meat – claiming back their rights to do whatever they wanted. 

We Are Ill: