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Slacker Unknowns (Hand Dracula Drawn 2014)

   An accumulated spawning collection from the mind of old Kyle Connolly as a wealth material from years recording and performance assembly with line-up of musicians works as joining him: Peter Gosling the drummer, Emily Bitze (bass), long time friend collaborator like guitarist Josh Korody as being produced, mixed and mastered by Korody and Connolly representing these Alternative odd Indie-Pop that has mixing between creepy experimental and good catchy Jangle tunes as comforting easy to zone out with the listener’s hearing as ranging from the likes similarity to Meat Puppets or Pavement as Psyche Rock and Dream Pop emerges to collide.

   Wish – the band project recording the self-titled kids for their liking on Peter Criss the Catman of KISS  did pretty well in soft distortion and many melodies within Nothing To Say, The Days, Retro Grade, Frances in Space onto All The Time or Only Wondering – might been busy to turn you on and on while playing the album on the older stereo system imagining the old time days happiness and curiosity.