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Silent Lord Chaos (Self-Released 2017)


   May you also feel that there’s something special with this band named Johnnytwentythree for the making of the peaceful sophomore recording on cinematic Post-Rock and instrumental for Cincinnati – Ohio as the background reaction story behind the reasons and suicide idea from being done or hold postponed chances if one can as the group suffers the lost of their memorial reality in life and death over their bassist/husband/friend/brother just like the candle lit on leaving the lights to those whom being left behind as proceeding here beyond The Bridge album recording carried several further length written songs as the start of reflections and commemorates those whom experiences the similar events horrible and shocking but determined to be cured as a try via Night of War, Dark of The Sun, In The Master’s Throne Room, A Good Childhood, Last Breath and Shipwreck onto Keys of Freedom – seems to celebrating everything cherished as memories of the real past. Johnyytwentythree are Michael Maier (guitars), Brianne Maier (violin), Joseph Maier (bass), Brian Tyree (drums) and Stephen Imwalle (visual) sharing you - the divided dimension off humanity and technology.

The Bridge: