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Side B 20:51 (Craneal Fracture 2015)

   Studio soloist project from Athens, Greece D. Santziliotis guiding his great intuition using a purely dark creation which unclassified by output to be persuaded closer as analogue gears or outdated techniques settling the sounds of a beaming laser weapon to thus hypnotizing tractor-dragging lights capturing your attention while the volume for the plaything Illusion of Safety music recording modulates louder and effectively will causing brain damage for too much listening to it recording and arranged by Bellerophone with the equipment complete such as roland system 100m modular synthesizer, roland re-201 space echo, moogerfooger ring modulator to boss digital delay and uher 4000 report studio tape recorder as well as the interesting arousing almond eyes from a girl using her gas-mask brought the eerie Drone Dark-Ambient synthesizers taping for two tracks on Side A for about nineteen minutes and fifty eight seconds as mixed and mastered for the record.

Illusion Of Safety: