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Shotgun Riding (Capitol Records 1986)

With their first debut going hysterically famous for one single shot of hit and this group of woman-fronted lead singer named Katrina and The Waves meets their days era through the parts of exciting decade of the seventies as being formed first by Kimberley Rew, Katrina Leskanich and Vince de la Cruz with Alex Cooper as their four preview recordings went straight to a cool national attractions as many music radios playing their hit and more recording songs with the other good bands and artists back then.

The fifth album releasing on Waves probably, not the best Pop-Rock sounds you might listening that day but at least, the rock electro and Pop combinations mostly – shall captures the teenage-geeking party heads to loving it. The group posing or running in front, good catchy song-lists still and proving you that Tears For Me, Sleep On My Pillow, Mr. Star or Stop Trying to Prove (How Much of a Man You Is) as well as Money Chain leaves the audience holiday-ing on Sun Street as good as it gets, pals !