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Shop Bonnie Up (Low Desert Punk 2010)

   Left his infamous Stoner/Desert Rock unit semi-legendary team formation on Kyuss that being formed since high school with local friends of him Josh Homme, Chris Cockrell to John Garcia since age thirteen; now it’s time for Brant Bjork to move on his long-term hails off Palm Desert, CA’s natural habits after the several projects like Hardcore band to guitar performance for Mario Lalli; starting The Desert Sessions saga and works becoming QOTSA but later on decided to switch the less road travelling taken himself doing solos that spawning many credible recordings so far right to this seventh album releasing as shown to you for Mr. Bjork himself driving in mid-steady free thoughts empowered the speed on the lonely highway crossing deserts, and plain dry-land; day and night with an interesting female companion looks like getting ready to do dirty things against the law together with Stoner Rock and Hard Rock/Blues selections and the high-intensity melodic riffs and chords off thus great tracks available as the background.

   Gods & Goddesses would be your next favorable recording from the seminal person (and his friends or music crew) whom creating the term Desert Rock/Stoner itself before taken by the music media through the approval speaker boosts over The Future Rock (We Got It), Radio Mecca, Little World, Dirty Bird as well as Porto and Somewhere Some Woman telling you not in loud screaming but wiser words and story-tales … 

Watch out for the road signs and stay on your course if you didn’t wanted to get freaking lost out there.

Gods & Goddesses: