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Shithouse Rat (Shock 2003)

   Garage Rock sketchy outfit of St. Kilda towards the liking influences for Street Punk, Rockabilly and multiple crossing elements that eventually, rocking your heart out to not just standing up but jumping like bewildering nuts crew listening onto these Melbourne, Australia unit calling themselves The Specimens which consisting of the evolving core members like Tim, Terry, Brent and Adam as honestly telling the media that they wouldn’t be existed without the proper pioneering groups like Radio Birdman, The Lime Spiders and The Onyas as well as Cosmic Psychos, New York Dolls and MC5 among others. 

   The debut album release through Fast and Loose might giving the entire listeners the perfect faster permanent Rock that you ever dreaming of today which the new millennium unwanted but needing to have these lame days where Pop means rhythm and blues freaking electro or dance but here there are No Good, Down On Me, Lately, Lay Down Your Guns, Roll Of The Dice and Burn City Burn – shall providing you all a good fucking head banging tempos right on time !!!  

Fast And Loose: