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She Like Gateway (Intrada/Varese Sarabande 1985)

   Directed by Joe Dante about a Sci-Fi movie of a three teenage boys starring Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix and Jason Presson building their own simple and original spacecraft as they’re exploring the outer space right from their suburbs Washington D.C’s Ben Crandall experiences his dreams on flying over clouds and vast-city like circuit board as him liking to watch many sci-fi movies before going to sleep as every night he drew many circuit boards as showing them to his childhood friend Wolfgang Muller as Ben have a school crush as well with Lori Swenson when one day being saved from bullying by a punkish-likeable strong kid named Darren Woods and together then (with) Wolfgang build is microchip based on Ben’s sketches; the chip generates the electromagnetic bubble enables to be pre-determined surrounds by moving at near-limitless distances and speeds without ill-effects of inertia as they’re also constructing their own spacecraft from the abandoned Tilt-A-Whirl car junks and later naming it Thunder Road and experimenting by using it to fly – caught several attention from the US government agents to scouts for UFOs.
Magnificent soaring themes from Jerry Goldsmith enriched scoring tracks compositions for this children adventurous Sci-Fi movie Explorers noting to appears for mint-condition music anchors like warm Americana sounds or haunting melodies as cool creations effecting some sequence and nostalgic soundtrack even though the movie didn’t receiving as good as it should gets. 
   Thirty-three tracks for about one hour and eighteen minutes duration over No Air, First Flight, Free Ride, Have a Nice Trip, All Around The World to Less Than Perfect later showing more weirdy adventures as Wolfgang discovers how to producing unlimited sustainable oxygen on finalizing their plan in search of alien life and the overrides of computer control personal being tractor-beamed by larger spaceship reveals them to meet green sluggish alien-like named Wak and Neek with their entire knowledge of Earth comes from the junk culture and TV reruns as they’re having a funny/silly moments sharing before again a larger space-pirate like Wak and Neek calling it process to drag them into the bridge as then, reveals once again to be the little aliens parents where the truth is Wak and Neek took their dad’s craft for a ride as sending dreams to the boys hoping to meet them one day. Before overboard and leave; Wak and Neek give a parting gift to them an amulet of extra-terrestrial stuff of dreams are made of and Thunder Road crashing to the nearby lake. 
Later on, the boys can finally, sharing dreams together as they’re flying for adventures this time joining by Lori wondering where the circuit-boards that being constructed taken them again.