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Ending Resolution (Bandcamp 2018)

Creative common for free music making as musique libre in public domain royalty sounds for soundtrack, television or gaming purposes by Komiku/Monplaisir over this pitch of adventure like this one as cute and non-gendered story of Poupi – a doggo only can works to the universal prophecy interpretations with solid fun and crush total of loving the best instrumental sounds noises combination for Poupi’s Incredible Adventures ! These seventies tracks production in the making for kids, teenagers and adults may giving the listeners a good sense of loyalty freak connected to some of the good intention via Cat City, Fracture of The Universe will Happen Soon, Dance Contest to The Meowsic, Tender Lover poupi as well as Jenifer The Game, Escaping The Collapsing Universe and Space MTV. You can see the cover looks interesting fun and a bit clumsy by the making but the music really good to listen-up to !